13 Fun Gifts for Creatives & Designers

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Gifting

Is there a special designer, crafter, artist, maker, DIY-er, or just general creative person in your life? Probably, because those people are awesome! As two creative queens ourselves, we wanted to put together a gift guide of general things we’d love to receive as presents. We actually already own a lot of these, but a creative person will never say no to another awesome set of pens or beautiful sketchbook. (Hint: buy us anything on this list and we’ll be ecstatic!)

1. Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook – $20

These are our absolute favorite notebooks/sketchbooks. You might consider them the Cadillac of notebooks. We love the dot grid version linked here, which is great for both sketching or jotting down notes. The cover is silky smooth leather and the pages are high quality. It would make an A+ bullet journal, but really any creative could find a use for this notebook!

2. Steal Like An Artist – $10

Austin Kleon has written a super fun book which goes into what nobody tells you about being creative. It’s a quick and fun read, packaged in a cute little square book, but it’s one of those that gets you thinking deeply and inspires you to be the best artist you can be.

3. Kuretake Metallic Brush Pens – $9

Favorite brush pen alert! These are our top choice for fun modern calligraphy projects. We love the juicy brush tips and rich metallic pigment. But these pens aren’t just for brush lettering, and are great for drawing on colored or dark paper.

4. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Print – $6-20

What’s better than an inspirational print? This modern lettering print will add excitement and encouragement to any creative’s desk, office, or bedroom wall. Pop it in a frame for an extra special touch!

5. Holiday Pantone Sleigh Tee – $30

Designers all know and love Pantone Colors. So why not make them smile with one of these fun holiday-themed Pantone tees?

6. David’s Tea Customizable Mug – $23

I received this mug for Christmas a few years ago, and I loved that I could flex my creative muscles and decorate the mug how I wanted. There are tons of fun mugs out in the world, but sometimes you just want something you can’t buy on the shelves. And David’s Tea makes the best tea mugs – a nice large size with metal strainer and lid! Pair it with some loose leaf tea (this is one of our absolute faves) for a truly special treat.

7. Introduction to Brush Lettering Kit – $55

Kickstart a loved one’s obsession with writing beautifully! Our Intro to Brush Lettering kit includes an in-depth workbook and three brush lettering pens, all packaged nicely in a gift box. The comprehensive workbook includes full instruction on how to begin brush lettering as well as tips and tricks inspired by our experiences lettering and teaching workshops.

8. Micron Colored Pens – $25

These felt tip pens are great for everyday writing and doodling. We love the smooth ink and fine tips, and all of the colors will ensure notes are taken to the next level.

9. 2019 Calligraphy Calendar – $10

A cute desk calendar is always one of those things I love receiving as a gift because I forget to buy it for myself. We created this simple, modern hand lettered calendar to be functional yet pretty, without being over the top. This would make a great stocking stuffer!

10. In Progress – $23

The two of us have been captivated by Jessica Hische since our graphic design school days, when her work opened our eyes to the world of lettering and being a badass design lady who does soul-feeding work. We appreciate that she is honest and tells it like it is, truly sharing details that help lift other designers up. This book details her art and process, and is a great resource for any digital artist, graphic designer, or letterer.

11. Be Bold Zipper Pouch – $10

Natasha got me this pouch, with a cute little inspirational typography quote, and I love it to store pens in. Because there are truly never enough bags/pouches/tins/containers/etc. to hold all of our pens.

12. Embossing Starter Kit – $40

We don’t know any creative who doesn’t love embossing. The process results in adding raised elements to paper craft projects, which look so cool (especially when done in the silver and gold included in this kit). There are a few tools involved, which is why we love this starter kit that includes everything needed to get started: a heat tool, embossing pens, and silver and gold embossing powders.

13. Easy Knitting Kit – $36

Natasha and her mom are both avid knitters, and have taught me how and guided me through projects multiple times. Although I love the cathartic nature and having the ability to make cool knitwear, I just don’t have the resolve to research knitting projects on my own. A knitting kit like this is great for someone like me who would like to knit things, but needs all the materials and guidance to get started.

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