Britton & Trevor’s Wedding

Britton and Trevor exchanged vows on a beautiful summer day at the Interlaken Inn, located in their shared home state, Connecticut. Their wedding was inspired by a romantic English garden and each detail celebrated their love and garden party vibe. We were so honored to bring their wedding stationery dreams to life!

Photography by Emily Kirke Photography

Save the Date

Britton was excited to incorporate one of her original lake scene watercolor paintings for her save the date card. We were impressed with her artistic skills and were thrilled to add in some simple brush style typography to complete the look!

Invitation Suite

We continued the watercolor style through to Britton and Trevor’s suite, which included the invitation, RSVP card, and details card. We love that the cool blues and simple design coordinated with the elegant lake and garden vibe of their wedding. The added velvet wrap to keep the cards together in their envelopes made the invitations feel extra special for her guests to open. The envelope colors and brush typography used for the guest addressing finished the suite for a completely cohesive style. 

Day of Details

We carried the watercolor and brush typography look through to Britton and Trevor’s wedding day details. The illustrations featured on the menus added color and an element of playfulness to the table scape. We are always fans of a signature drink, and the sparkling strawberry cocktail was a perfect addition to the garden themed summer wedding. Instead of a guestbook, the couple asked guests to sign their favorite restaurant menus which they then framed and hung in their home. 

Britton and Trevor’s summer garden wedding was just picture perfect and we so enjoyed being a part of it. Scroll on to see photos from their special day!



Photography – Emily Kirke Photography
Venue – Interlaken Inn
Floral Design – Flowers by Justine
Live Music – Colin Taylor
Videography – Clear Vision Videography
Hair and Makeup Artist – Upstyle Co.
Wedding Dress – Anomalie
Bridal Accessories – Loeffler Randall
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – LoveShackFancy
Groom and Groomsmen’s Apparel – Generation Tux
Rings – Christine Guibara
Program Illustrations – Lucky Ducky Studio
Stationery – We’re Into It

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We love hand lettering and graphic design and we’re here to share some of our favorite things!

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9 Fun Gifts for Wine Lovers under $30

Whether it’s yourself, your best friend or your mom, everyone’s got a wine lover in their life. Obviously, we both love sipping (ahem, guzzling) wine all year, so we’ve got some fun gift ideas we’d like to share!

1. Marble Wine Cooler – $26

Using a wine cooler – and a modern marble one at that – is a super easy way to go from causal to fancy shmancy. Amelia has one of these and we love using it to keep our champagne cool during our business meetings 😉

2. Relax Greeting Card – $5

This relax card is perfect to pair with a gift any time of year, to tuck a gift card into, or simply to spread some wino love! This is a digital print of our original hand lettering.

3. Bottle Stopper – $5

Amelia got me one of these and it’s just the best. Even if you usually finish your open bottles of wine or champagne, these little stoppers comes in handy much more than you would think. It’s a perfect little stocking stuffer for the lover of bubbles in your life!

4. Wine Decanter – $28

Using a wine decanter is classy AF – but also super easy! We love the design of this one, especially since the shape allows for easy pouring and minimal red wine spilling.

5. Bring Me Wine Socks – $10

I got these for my mom last Christmas and she just adores them. She loves wearing them when my sister and I are home and drinking wine together. We get a good kick out of how funny they are!

6. Wine Tumbler – $14

Wine on the go! These insulated tumblers are great for wine and other beverages – keeping them hot or cold while preventing condensation from your hands. The lids are dishwasher safe and leak proof, yay! Plus look at all the fun colors to choose from.

7. Metallic Wine Glass Pens – $9

These are a super fun idea for hosts or housewarming gifts! They are easy to use, come in a bunch of colors, will stay on for the life of a party, and wash off with warm soapy water. Amelia and I each have a set of these and we love inspiring our guests to hand letter their names 🙂


8. Wine Is A Grocery Print – $6-$20

This quote makes us smile as wine is always on our grocery lists! It is a print of our original hand lettering with a gorgeous burgundy gradient. It’s perfect for framing in the kitchen or above a bar cart area!

9. Red Wine Stain Remover – Set of 3 for $23

Yup, spills happen. And if you’re like Amelia and I they happen too often! I bought the three pack to share with my mom, sister, and I and we use it more often than we’d care to admit. I swear it actually works – I’ve used it on carpets, white pants, and sweaters – to name a few!

Please note prices and availability are subject to change. 

Welcome! We’re Amelia & Natasha and we’re into it

We love hand lettering and graphic design and we’re here to share some of our favorite things!

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14 Fun Gifts for Travelers under $30

Why is it that holiday shopping creeps up on us every year? November quickly turns into December and we all end up frantically searching for perfect gifts for our loved ones. If you have a traveler on your list, we’ve got you covered! And as travel lovers ourselves, we can attest to these items being fun, unique, and well priced. Happy gifting!

1. Say Yes to New Adventures Tote Bag – $20

The perfect tote bag for adventure seekers! This bag features our original hand lettering, screen printed with coral ink on a 100% cotton tote bag.

2. Universal Travel Adaptor – $17

A universal adaptor is a must have for any international traveler. We love this one because it can work for 150 countries and has 2 USB ports, giving you the option to charge 3 devices at once. Plus it comes in fun neon colors!

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Blindfold, Super Smooth Eye Mask (One Strap) - The Authentic Are ONLY"Sold by Alaska Bear"3. Sleep Mask – $8

Putting on a sleeping mask while *trying* to sleep on a plane is a must have for me. I love this one because it is silky and lightweight making it super comfortable to wear while blocking out those pesky bright lights.

4. Portable Speaker – $26

Gotta keep the tunes going while you’re on the go! With up to 12 hours of playing time, this super loud compact speaker is rain, shower, and sand proof making it perfect for all sorts of adventures.

5. What is Life But One Grand Adventure Print – $6-$20

We love a good gallery wall, and this print of our original hand lettering pairs perfectly with travel photos. Available in our Etsy shop in three sizes.

6. Smartphone Tripod – $23

We love this compact tripod for when we’re traveling! The flexible legs make it easy to set up your phone on uneven surfaces so you can use your camera timer to take group photos anywhere. We also have fun using this to capture time-lapses of those gorgeous vacation sunrises and sunsets.

7. Packing Cubes – $20

These are a game changer. Like I don’t know how I packed before using these awesome cubes. You can organize by clothing type or outfits to make unpacking super easy when you get to your destination. They are also a life saver for separating dirty laundry. They come in at least 15 colors so there’s a set for anyone on your list!

8. Scratch off World Adventures Map – $26

How fun is this map?! It has a gold scratch off surface to reveal a colorful world map to keep track of states and countries that have been visited. We love that this is designed and printed in the US!

9. Where Chefs Eat – $24

Looking for the best midnight snack or secret local gem? This book has it all, from 5 star restaurants to hole in the wall diners, there’s something delicious for everyone to explore while traveling. Yum!

10. Luggage Scale – $13

This is one of those “I didn’t realize I needed this until I had it” gadgets. If you (or your loved ones) are like us, and tend to overpack only to then try standing on your scale holding a suitcase to see how overweight your bag is then this will make your life much easier. It is very accurate and super easy to use!

Image result for google photos

11. Google Photos – FREE!

Amelia has been using Google Photos for years and holy shit are they are life saver. Super easy to set up and gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. Never worry about deleting photos on your phone to free up storage again!

12. Turkish Towel – $24

These 100% cotton towels are highly absorbent and dry very quickly, light in weight and take up little space, making them the perfect travel companion. Loads of colors to choose from you should probably get one for yourself too!

13. Portable Charger – $26

Running out of phone charge when trying to take photos or use map navigation while traveling is THE WORST. This compact charger stores enough juice to charge your phone at least twice and comes with an 18-month warranty. Whoop!

14. Not All Who Wander Are Lost Print – $6-$20

Another one of our fun travel prints for a gallery wall! We love the message behind this quote, and it’s available in our Etsy shop in three sizes.

Please note prices and availability are subject to change. 

Welcome! We’re Amelia & Natasha and we’re into it

We love hand lettering and graphic design and we’re here to share some of our favorite things!

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Lauren & Andrew’s Wedding

Lauren and Andrew became husband and wife on a gorgeous day in historic Danvers, Massachusetts. The love between these two radiated throughout their whole day as they celebrated with their closest friends and family. We were honored to work with them to bring their wedding stationery dreams to life!

Photography by Sarah Jayne Photography

Invitation Suite

Since Lauren and Andrew were getting married on an early summer day in coastal New England, hydrangeas and pale blues were perfect design details to showcase. With the multiple cards the couple planned to include in their invitation suite, we enjoyed playing with the florals and modern calligraphy to create a cohesive and simply beautiful look. And of course the wedding party bouquets coordinated perfectly!

We chose cool grey envelopes to pair with the blues of the suite which included the invitation, RSVP card, and details card. We also created a coordinating rehearsal dinner invitation for the couple’s family and wedding party to attend. All these were held in place with a simple piece of tied twine before being tucked into their envelope.

We always love the special touch of hand lettered envelopes and the pop of white lettering on these was just perfect. To make these envelopes even more unique we added a matching hydrangea liner, setting the tone of Lauren and Andrew’s wedding from the first moment their guests opened their invitations.

Day of Details

We carried through the hydrangea and modern calligraphy look to Lauren and Andrew’s wedding day details. The couple gifted their guests with a welcome bag complete with a coordinating sticker. We also had fun chalk lettering a welcome sign for their ceremony. To complete their ceremony, we designed a cohesive program for their guests to enjoy.

Lauren and Andrew’s coastal New England summer wedding was just picture perfect and we so enjoyed being a part of it. Scroll on to see photos from their special day!


Photography – Sarah Jayne Photography
Cake – Cakes for Occasions
Florist – Petals Inc.
Hair & Makeup – Casey McGoff
Cookie favors – Kitchen Millie
Venue – Danversport
Stationery – We’re Into It

Welcome! We’re Amelia & Natasha and we’re into it

We love hand lettering and graphic design and we’re here to share some of our favorite things!

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Pen Review: Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (now with available colors, yay!)

The Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens have long been our go-to pens for many lettering projects. We struggled to correctly pronounce these pens for years, lovingly naming them “fa-dush-key’s” since neither of us know Japanese. Although, maybe we should learn since we can all agree many of the best pens are Japanese! We finally did some research and are getting in the habit of pronouncing them as correctly as we can, “foo-deh-NO-skeh”, or just Fude, “foo-deh”, for short. These beginner-friendly pens come in both hard and soft tips, and we’re excited to share why we’re so into these pens!

So, why do we love Tombow Fudenosuke pens so much? The clean and precise lettering capabilities of these fine tip pens make our work easy to scan and digitize. The ink is permanent and bleed proof, making them wonderful for lettering envelopes, place cards, and other small scale lettering projects. Of course, we always have at least two in our purses at all times, ready to letter at a moments notice.

For some, the small brush tip can be much easier to learn brush lettering with than larger, broad tip brush pens like the Tombow Dual Brush. Since these are great entry level pens, our Introduction to Brush Lettering Workshops always feature the black hard tip Fude. An added bonus? The barrels are made of recycled plastic – yay for the environment!

Up until October 2018, these pens were only available in black. You can imagine our excitement when we found out they were releasing a whole set of colors! We each immediately ordered ourselves the set. The pack comes with 9 colors plus black, you can get order yours here!

So what makes these colored pens so special? Fine tip colored brush pens can be hard to come by, and these ones are so vibrant, yet won’t bleed through most papers. Their sturdy, yet flexible brush tip is perfect for using pressure to create the thin and thick strokes for brush lettering. Can we say must haves?!

Size and Stroke

If you’ve never used these pens before, we recommend buying the Hard and Soft Tip 2-Pack so you can see which feels more comfortable to you. You may end up leaning towards one or the other when you’re first learning. Only catch – the colored versions are currently only available in hard tip. We especially like the precision and control of the hard tip, but also enjoy the smoothness of the soft tip. 

You may notice a slightly streaky or distressed look to the Tombow Fudenosuke ink. This is typical, since they are not as “juicy” as some other brush pens, actually making them easier to learn with. As the names suggest, the hard tip pen is firmer than the soft, allowing for sharper thin strokes. The soft tip is a little more inky, allowing for a slightly broader downstroke than the hard tip.

As we’ve mentioned, both of these are fine tip brush pens, so they are great for small scale lettering. The thick stroke tends to be about 1/16″ wide, while a practiced thin stroke is about the same thickness as a pencil line.


We’ve found that the tips for both the hard and soft pens last a bit longer than other brush pens. The tips are made of elastomer, so they are a flexible plastic. They will last longer if they are used on high quality, smooth paper, you can learn more about our paper recommendations here. We’ve also noticed that the ink tends be used up before the tip gets frayed, especially for the hard tip. Unfortunately, the pens are not refillable, but they are affordable and still last quite a long time for disposable pens.

In Action

Keep in mind every pen has its own unique feel and flow and each person is going to have their own preferences. We always recommend trying out as many brush pens as you can get your hands on to see what your favorites are. We’ve only just started playing with the color Fudes, but we’re instantly obsessed. Follow our Instagram to see our new colored pens in use and below are some examples of us lettering with these go-to fine tip pens. We look forward to hearing what you think about the Tombow Fudenosukes! 

Welcome! We’re Amelia & Natasha and we’re into it

We love hand lettering and graphic design and we’re here to share some of our favorite things!

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