10 Fun Gifts for Foodies under $30

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Gifting

If you’re anything like us, you have a bunch of food lovers in your life. We both love eating and cooking, and that love can be seen in a lot of our work. Our foodie greeting cards and prints were actually some of the first items we were inspired to make and sell, and have remained top sellers over the past few years! But aside from cards and prints, there are so many items that as foodies ourselves we own and love, or are planning to buy for the food lovers on our list this year.

1. Foodie Love Greeting Cards – $5 each

These cards are perfect to pair with a gift, to tuck a gift card into, or simply to spread some foodie love. Does your loved one like cheese, pizza, or veggies the most!?

2. Microplane – $15

When I asked Natasha what her favorite kitchen tool is, she excitedly told me: microplane! It’s great for garlic, ginger, and topping food with cheese (which is obviously where her microplane gets the most use).

3. Flour, Too Cookbook – $25

Everyone in the Boston area knows that Flour Bakery has some of the best food around. Joanne Chang, Flour’s owner, brings some of her most delicious recipes for baked goods and savory treats into this cookbook for the home cook. And we can attest – everything we’ve made has been so good! I love getting this cookbook for both people who have been to or have yet to go to Flour in person.

4. Dipped Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set – $18

Everyone can use beautiful utensils in their home kitchen! After just hosting Thanksgiving, I realized that I have a lot of utilitarian kitchen utensils, and not enough beautiful serving utensils. And I’m obsessed with the color options and paint dip on these handcrafted goods. (Everything in the shop is so fun and modern!) I’ll be buying these as gifts for some people on my list – anyone want to buy me a set? 😉

5. Beginner Cheese Making Kit – $30

Did you know that making cheese at home isn’t actually that complicated!? I received this cheese making kit as a gift a few years ago and was so excited to learn how to make my favorite food at home!

6. Cheese Slate – $22

Ok, so I’m on a cheese gift kick here. But who doesn’t love cheese? We love that slate is chalk friendly and you can label items right on the surface they sit on. A great gift for a true host with the most to show off their lettering skills while serving up a delicious platter of cheese!

7. Food Lover Prints – $6-$20 each

These prints would be great in any food lovers’ kitchen (or really any room for that matter). We love the hand lettered quote along with colorful, fun iconography to truly make a statement!

8. Citrus Juicer – $19

My favorite unnecessary kitchen tool is hands down the citrus juicer. This is one of those items that you don’t need (you can just squeeze your lemons or limes with your hands after all), but now that I have one I can’t live without it! Not only does it save me from squeezing citrus juice all over myself, but it also much more effectively gets all the juice from the lemon or lime. And as a bonus: it catches the seeds so they don’t fall into your sauce or cocktail or vinaigrette or whatever else your adding citrus to.

9. Punny Dish Towels – $17 each

We love when something makes us lol, and look how cute these are! Because who couldn’t use a dish towel with a good joke or pun, and also a cute illustration for good measure?

10. Pizza Floatie – $20

For the foodie who loves to hang at the pool, lake, or beach, a pizza floatie is definitely in the cards! Help your loved one become the talk of this year’s floatilla 😉

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